The 25 Greatest Martial Arts Film You Should Watch

As the Abbott behind the deft and agile Wu-Tang Clan sound and brand, RZA gave euphoric martial arts fans goosebumps by famously sampling dialogue and sound effects from classic films. In “The Man With The Iron Fists,” RZA practically does the same thing in his directorial debut, yet adds another element of flair backed by Eli Roth’s veteran screenwriting duties and Quentin Tarantino’s mentoring.

In the spirited and exciting martial arts actioner, RZA stars as “The Blacksmith,” a man who tries to defend his village against a bloodthirsty clan (led by Silver Lion). If the premise sounds familiar, it’s because like many martial arts films, the protagonist is usually a simple man; one with a certain set of skills — and in “The Man With The Iron Fists” this is no different.

To celebrate RZA’s successful directorial debut, we take a look at The 25 Greatest Martial Arts Films You Should Watch in hopes that after checking out “Iron Fists,” you dive right into these and find out why the Wu-Tang and the Shaolin are nothing to eff with.