5 Kung-Fu Flicks That Inspired Rza

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RZA gave the Wu-Tang Clan a very distinct sound when he began incorporating samples from some of his favorite kung fu movies in their music. But it was more than just cool soundbites and swords swinging and clashing that served as preludes to some of the grittiest rhymes ever composed. RZA and many of the Clansmen adopted a lot of the philosophies and ideas behind these classic movies to create their own world of allies and foes, battles and victory.

In support of The Man With The Iron Fists, VIBE asked RZA about his top 5 influences when it comes to kung fu flicks. Unable to name the top five influential movies due to the high volume of movies he takes in, he did agree to name five in no particular order. He earned a lot from these movies mostly that when his talent is properly used… it’s almost invincible.