5 Movie Directors Who Influenced RZA

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In order to truly master a field, studying has to be apart of your daily routine. It doesn’t help your cause if you don’t do the homework on your predecessors and at least acknowledge the immense contributions they’ve made to the art you’re trying to learn and eventually master.

RZA took it a few steps further than studying and actually worked with several directors before embarking on his official debut. The difference is glaring between RZA’s first amateur-director endeavors and his most recent work, The Man With The Iron Fists, which he directed after spending time with some of the soon to be mentioned directors. He spents hours on their movie sets as an actor or just as a student observing a master at work.

Remember, often a student is only as good as his teacher so RZA sought out and learned from the best. Here are five of his “film sifus.”