5 Reasons Why Cheating Should Not Be Legalized

During a recent radio interview with The Breakfast Club at Power 105.1, rapper Gameshockingly suggested that cheating should be legalized as a part of a clause in marriage, with that exception being given only to the man. It went a little something like this:

“The truth is every man cheats: fat men, skinny men, basketball player, guy who can’t play, nerds, smart men. It doesn’t matter.” He adds, “A woman is better off assuming exactly what I said. You’ll be better off that way.”

Now, mind you, Game is currently engaged and ready to air the proceedings of his marriage to Tiffney Cambridge on his VH1 show Marrying the Game, so not only is it awkward timing, but also a little absurd. Would Game want his daughter’s husband cheating on her just because he could? Let’s break it down and see why this wouldn’t fly high in reality. — Carmen Shardae Jobson