5 Reasons Why Lil Wayne Should Retire After Releasing ‘Tha Carter V’

Recently, Lil Wayne sat down with MTV News to talk about his upcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being 2, as well as Tha Carter V, the album he plans to release after that. And, during the course of the interview, Weezy F. Baby made a somewhat startling announcement.

“I know y’all want me around for a little bit,” he said, “[but] Tha Carter V is my last album. I’ve been rapping since I was 8 years old; I’m 30 now. That’s a long time, and I like to do so many more things, and when I like to do something, I end up loving to do it real quickly. And, when I love to do something, I’m fully focused on it and it only, and music sometimes is not that ‘it.'”

Our first reaction to hearing that was to say, “NOOOOOOO, WAYNE! DON’T LEAVE!” But, the more we thought about it, the more it began to make sense. Wayne has been rapping for a long time, and he does have other interests. So, why should he continue rapping just for the sake of rapping? With that in mind, we constructed a list of 5 Reasons Why Lil Wayne Wayne Should Retire After Releasing Tha Carter V. That’s not to say we don’t want to see him around anymore; we just don’t want to see him at the studio.