5 Tell Tale Signs That Your Man Is Cheating

Every relationship starts off as lovely as a tropical honeymoon. In its peak, your beau is able to make your heart flutter with the simplest of actions. The influx of sweet text messages, the occasional “just because” flowers and phone conversations until the wee hours of the morning all indicate that he loves you.

But after a few years, these sweet nothings suddenly start to fade. His work hours are longer and instead of hanging out with you to catch a new movie, he’s spending more time with old friends. As much as any woman would try to silence her intuition, you can’t help but think that your man might be finding love elsewhere.

Vixen put together a list of 5 things that indicate your man is indeed creepin’.–Jasmine Aspinall

1. He takes phone calls in another room

In any relationship there is a need for privacy. But, if you’re noticing that secret phone calls are occurring more frequently and a certain name keeps popping up on his screen, this should raise a red flag, especially if the name is that of an ex-girlfriend. Note: Don’t jump to conclusions unless you have solid proof.