50 Cent Says Fat Joe’s Loyalty To Chris Lighty Ended Their Beef

Loyalty is a common word thrown around in the hip-hop world and what prompted 50 Cent to squash a long-standing beef with Terror Squad’s Fat Joe.

In a recent interview with Booska-P, the former G-Unit leader said he admired that Fat Joe still hat the utmost respect for Lighty after his death, despite his closeness with 50.

“Chris would always talk to me like, ‘Why don’t y’all sit down or try to let that go?’ … I’d tell him, ‘Get outta here,’ all the time,” Fif recalls. “When [Lighty] passed, Joe showed him a lot of respect. He ain’t have to. I worked the closest with him, it changed my perspective on it. And then you gotta look back at what exactly’s the reason, what caused it. He’s got a lot more pride than most hip-hop artists. It was just the way he was raised. He was being loyal because someone had did something for him, being loyal to that, that’s what created that energy [between us coming together].”

Watch as Curtis also discusses French Montana and Gunplay’s chain in the Q&A below.