7 Fun Ways to Add Some Spice to Your Relationship

Long gone are the days when sending flowers to your lady’s work place or saving the big piece of chicken for your man is considered romantic. OK, sweet? Yes. Romantic? No. If you find your relationship is craving a little spice, then the card attached to those flowers better have a few innuendos of what’s about to go down later. And that chicken better not be the only thing on the menu—if you catch my drift.

And while we all may enjoy a good movie and a fine dining experience, that is one idea that seems to always fall pretty short on the romantic list. Major. Snooze. Fest. That may have worked in the beginning stages of the relationship, but now that the honeymoon period has gone into full remission and you’re both comfortable, upping the romance factor will require a little creativity and ingenuity. You’re definitely going to have to put your thinking caps on to come up with some zesty ideas. But as you come up with a few of your own, here are some spicy ways sure to give your relationship a major boost of flavor.