Ad Says Blacks Should Vote GOP Because Lincoln Freed Slaves

Is this a Saturday Night Live skit? A new Super PAC ad in Ohio claims that African-American voters should vote for Mitt Romney because Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

The Empower Citizens Network, the Super PAC that created the ad, has made a series of strange ads late in the campaign season, but this one in Ohio may take the cake. The ad claims that it is a “big lie” that Democrats are good for African-Americans, citing the fact that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican who signed the Emancipation Proclamation. They go on to claim that Republicans signed the Civil Rights act, and end by saying that African-Americans should vote out President Obama.

Other ads by the same group have claimed that President Obama threw parties at the White House for “Socialist” friends, and blame Obama for the recession. Here’s hoping that people in Ohio (and everywhere) come out and vote in record numbers next Tuesday.