America’s Cheapest Private Island On Sale For $120,000

Are your pockets deep enough to cop your own private island?

If you got $120,000, America’s cheapest private island can be yours! It may not be grandiose in appearance, consisting of a 400-square-foot log cabin and half an acre of scenic land but Nay Pond Island is on sale for a bargain price and in a secluded area off Milan, New Hampshire, the Daily Mail reports.

Now if you’re looking to splurge on private island real estate, Florida is the go-to location for Little Bokeelia Island, an 104=acre odyssey on the market for a little less than $30,000,000. As a bonus, a modernized manor house that was originally built in 1928 is included (see photo above).

Real estate experts say now is prime time to buy an island after going through a financial downturn the past couple of years. Prices for private islands have dropped an estimated 25%, making them attractive assets for those who got racks to spend.