Anti-Obama Riots Erupt At Ole Miss

Not everyone is thrilled over President Obama’s victory in Tuesday’s election. Students at the University of Mississippi gathered in the streets that night to protest, burn Obama/Biden campaign signs, and – allegedly – shout racial slurs in the streets.

Only a month after the 50th anniversary of Ole Miss first allowing African-American students, the school was swept up in what bystanders claim was a racially-charged protest. While the protests were initially described as a “riot,” with rocks thrown and things burned, it seems now that no rocks were hurled – just racial slurs.

The University released a statement confirming that fact:

“The reports of the use of racial language by some have been confirmed by our campus police. The University leadership strongly condemns this kind of behavior and is embarrassed that any students associated with the university would use this kind of language. Our university creed calls for the respect of each individual and for fairness and civility. The investigation of this event will be thorough and individuals found in violation of any law will be referred to appropriate authorities. Individuals found in violation of university policy will be dealt with appropriately through the student conduct process.”

Ole Miss is a school known for its… let’s say, “complicated” racial history. This year, they named their first-ever African-American homecoming queen, a selection that was met with a mixed reaction on campus. Up until recently, the Ole Miss mascot was Colonel Reb, a Confederate officer that served as a connection to Mississippi’s Civil War past. When school officials finally admitted the mascot was, at best, in poor taste, and replaced him with a less offensive bear, students exploded in protest. If they rioted over their racist mascot being replaced, it’s no surprise they did the same after the President won reelection.