“Bill The Goat” Stolen in Army-Navy Prank

A beloved mascot of the Navy was recently stolen from the Maryland Sunrise Farm.

According to reports, Bill the Goat, the Naval Academy Mascot, was taken from his home and tied to a median near the Pentagon.

John Jordan, manager of Maryland Sunrise Farm confirmed the kidnapping, however, Bill was eventually returned safely. He suspects US soldiers were behind the prank as stealing the goat has become a tradition in the days leading up to the Army-Navy football game.

“At this time, we are unaware of who may have taken the goat, but it could be related to the Army-Navy game Dec. 8,” a Navy spokeswoman said. “Bill the Goat has been a part of our 10-game winning streak against Army, so we are glad to have him back before the big game next week.”

Navy Times Reports:
West Point has “no official knowledge” of the theft and the two service academies have mutually agreed to not steal mascots, a West Point spokesman said.

Jordan said he learned about the heist when he was visited by an officer from the Academy on Saturday morning. He learned that the goat was found tied up somewhere along a median strip on Army Navy Drive in Arlington, Va.Authorities moved the Angora goat, who was in good condition, to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, where Jordan picked him up.

“You would have thought [the culprits] would have taken [the goat] to somewhere safe,” Jordan said. “Maybe it’s time the prank stopped.”

The farm is just miles from Fort Meade, an Army installation, and locals from the area with ties to the service have previously helped steal the goat.