Baltimore Bus Driver Suspended After Fight With Teenage Passenger [VIDEO]


It appears that bus operators have had enough of disrespectful passengers and their harassing behavior on public transportation.

Yesterday (Nov. 13), a female bus operator gave a 17-year-old teenager the beat down of her life. TMZ reports the fight began because the teen was allegedly playing her music too loud and the bus driver hit first. The fight gets pretty brutal when the bus driver lays the teen girl out on the seats and proceeds to fight her.

At the end of the fight, the bus operator commented that whatever the high school student did it was “disrespectful.” Baltimore MTA’s spokesperson Terry Owens stated that the driver has been operating buses since 2003 and has been suspended.

“Police will review the YouTube video,” says Owens. “They are also pulling the video from the bus to see if it provides a more thorough picture of what happened.”

The investigation is ongoing and comes on the heels of a Cleveland bus driver uppercutting a 25-year-old woman. Should bus drivers start taking courses in conflict management to avoid these situations?

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