Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Beatport Charts

Yes, the title reads correctly. The massive music marketplace Beatport has two new charts from unusual contributors. Considered by most to be an ingenious prank, a number of top 10 charts were posted on behalf of several celebrities including President Obama and Mitt Romney. According to Romney’s chart some of his favorite tracks include Avicii’s “Levels” and Deadmau5′ “Ghost N Stuff”. On the other hand, President Obama seems to have a more distinct love for deep house as his chart included Dusky’s “Thought and Motion” and Russ Yallop’s “Making Me High”. While many argue that a democratic presidency is what music needs to thrive like it has the past couple of years, it seems to be that Mr.President not only has a love for it but a taste for the underground…go figure.

President Obama’s first Beatport Chart

Mitt Romney’s first Beatport Chart

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Johnny Depp’s Beatport Chart

God’s Beatport Chart