“Basketball Wives” Laura Govan Apologizes; Chantel Christie Expresses Regret

Monday night’s episode of “Basketball Wives L.A.” is still reverberating on the World Wide Web. We’ll bring you up to speed after the jump! Laura Govan might’ve been a bit more hungry than advertised, as she allowed her conniving self to up the ante in her mind games with Jackie Christie by meeting up with Jackie’s estranged daughter, Chantel Christie. For those who didn’t seen the episode, we’re not going to spoil it for you, but it must be noted that Laura didn’t exactly force the end result between her and Chantel. But still, Laura couldn’t help herself to use the family secrets Chantel spilled to turn their conversation into something that could be used in her war of words against Jackie. You can see a clip of the meeting that went down between Laura and Chantel below:

The Internets and fans of the show let their anger be known through an apparent backlash unloaded on both Laura and Chantel. Many viewers felt that Laura’s mind manipulation games with Jackie have crossed the line, and by involving Jackie’s children is going above the laws of fair play. Meanwhile, others are blasting Chantel for jumping aboard the reality TV express so easily and being so carelessly disloyal to her family. Jackie warned Chantel that Laura’s intentions were not good, and yet, the little fireball couldn’t wait to spill all of the family’s dirty laundry on air. While Jackie Christie is coming out of this situation looking like the victim, both Laura and Chantel took to Twitter to wave the white flag and save some of their couch potato supporters. If you want to see the full recap of what went down via the tweets, head over to Gossip On This to get the two scoops.