BB Creams for Brown-Skinned Girls

BB (beauty balm) creams, concoctions that essentially mash primer, moisture, serum, and color into one, may be one of the biggest beauty stories of ’12. Drugstore and luxury labels alike are spurning them out like the latest surreptitious tools towards the fountain of youth.

As many renowned makeup companies have awoken to the fact that more shades are imperative towards catering to a wider range of customers, any brown-skinned sistas looking for another beauty fix may be hard-pressed to find a hue that really works, especially in BB cream-land where a shade dubbed “dark” appears more pallid.

Yet, there are some notable brands that didn’t forget about all of our shades in the spectrum and have BB creams and tinted moisturizers that’ll bring you one step closer to a flawless face. Here are the top five products to consider.–Carmen Shardae Jobson

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