Beyonce Gets ‘Epic’ Makeover in Animated Film

Back in May, news soared that Beyoncé was hitting the silver screen as Queen Tara in 20th Century Fox animated 3D film Epic. Now, you can catch the first glimpses of King Bey’s CGI-generated character who is “the one sworn to protect the forest and is the source of its magic,” says director Chris Wedge. The photos, just released, find the “Dance For You” singer’s character in a leafy green gown, resembling a mother nature type.

The story tells the tale of a teenage girl who’s transported into a magical forest, one of whimsical characters battling good and evil. As can be predicted, the protagonist bands together with the do-gooders to fight evil forces. This is where Beyonce (well, her voice) come in.

The film is set to hit theaters May 2013. See more photos here.