Beyonce Makes Au Naturale Look Good

Beyonce’s been a burgeoning fashion maven since her days with Destiny’s Child. Whether it’s her curve-hugging gowns at awards shows or laid back looks around town, we’re always paying attention to what threads she’s rocking. Since the inception of her spankin’ new Instagram last week, BaddieBey stans everywhere anxiously hit the follow button in hopes of getting closer to B.I.C’s mama.

While Instagram has served as a place for Beyonce to show off her outfits to drooling fashionistas, we’ve also had the opportunity for months to see the real Bey behind the glitz and glamour. Case in point: the latest additions to a growing photo collection on her Tumblr page. This future legend isn’t scared to take off the makeup and go au-naturale for the camera.–Nicole Brown

Peep the flicks below…