Big Boi Talks The Dungeon Days, Hip-Hop Influences and Andre 3000

Ahead of his third solo release Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors due Dec. 11, Sir Lucious Left Foot stopped by Hot 97 to reveal some interesting tidbits about his early career.

Big Boi discussed how he and Andre 3000 were just some southern boys who were fans of hip-hop influenced by the likes of NWA, Eric B. and Rakim. He dabbled in the formation of Goodie Mob and his Dungeon Days, reminiscing on Usher being the youngest member before blowing up.

The most surprising factoid Big Boi revealed was Diddy being the director behind his first video “Players Ball” and how the Jesus piece Three Stacks rocks in the visual belonged to Puff. Big Boi also talks Dre’s awkwardness and supporting his fashion tastes.

When asked about the possibility of another Outkast album, Boi says he’s down. “It’s whatever man,” he says. “When [Andre’s] ready and I’m not busy touring the world, let’s go.”

Listen to the full interview below.