Blinged Out Chevy Draws Racist Comments

Maybe it depends on your personal taste. This customized Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 haunts Tampa, FL, rolling around town in all it’s golden splendor. It has 30-inch Forgiato gold rims, three TVs, a gold-chrome exterior – and has attracted the ire of the internet.

Yahoo News reports that, after posting a picture of the custom car on it’s Facebook page, custom shop 813 Auto has seen a flood of negative comments, much of it racist in nature. Facebook commenters have decried the car as “ghetto” and have predictably descended into racist back-and-forth, while the company itself has responded with disgust at the outpouring of hate.

The company’s owner posted a message to Facebook, saying [sic]: “Listen its pretty disgusting the things people are saying, everybody has there owns styles, lifted trucks with mud tires, lifted cars with big wheels, lowered cars, racing riding lawnmowers, clothing, hair, etc. To judge a car with such ignorance is disgusting. If you really no what it takes to build a car and your a fan of cars you would respect every custom car for the time, effort and style that,that person came up with even its not your style. Building cars is a hobby for people PEOPLE DONT BUILD CARS TO MAKE ANOTHER PERSON HAPPY they build it to there own style and what they want.”

To get a taste of the hate yourself, head to their official Facebook page. In the meantime – would you roll in this?

Gold Camaro