Boo Who? 10 Big-Name Rappers Who Have Been Booed During Shows


If you’re a rapper, there’s absolutely no shame in getting booed during one of your live shows. Okay, so that’s not entirely true. There’s a little bit of shame in it. After all, who wants to get booed while they’re doing their job? But, the truth is that every rapper has been booed on stage at one time or another during a show, so it’s nothing to hang your head about.

Sometimes, rappers get booed because the sound quality in the club sucks. Other times, rappers get booed because of something that they said or did off stage in the days leading up to their show. And, every now and then, the rapper in question just isn’t putting on a good show and actually deserves to get booed. It happens.

It happened to Slick Rick earlier this week when he performed during halftime of a game between the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks at the Barclays Center. Partly because of some sound issues—and partly because, if we’re being frank, he didn’t sound very good—Rick the Ruler got booed mercilessly by BK. But, does that mean he’s lost his touch? Should he run and hang up his mic forever? No. As we said, all rappers get booed. And, to help him get over it, we decided to prove it by putting together a list of 10 Big-Name Rappers Who Have Been Booed During Shows. Even the greats get ridiculed, Uncle Ricky. Don’t sweat it.