British Man Accidentally Gives Kids Cocaine as Treats on Halloween

Trick nor treat.

Instead of a stash of candy, imagine your innocent child coming home from their Halloween festivities with baggies of cocaine; this was the jarring reality for a police officer’s kids.

Twenty-three -year-old British man Donald Junior Green is being charged for accidentally “treating” children to bags of cocaine on Halloween night, Yahoo! News reports. Green says that he intended to hand out pieces of candy but instead reached for bags of cocaine from his pocket that he purchased then accidentally distributed to the off-duty officer’s children (ages 5, 6, and 8).

The unintentional pusher claims as soon as he noticed the major mistake, he feverishly tracked down the family. Thankfully, the parent had already spotted the Class A drug among the candy and removed it. He has been released from custody and is ordered to complete 12 months of community service.

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