Budweiser is Mad At Denzel Washington’s New Movie

Anheuser-Busch is “hopping” mad at Flight, Denzel Washington’s latest movie, because Denzel drinks too much Budweiser in the movie. Keeping it spoiler free, Washington’s character is an alcoholic, and his poison of choice is Bud. But now thebrewing company wants Paramount Pictures to remove all references to their drink from the film, since it is cast in a negative light.

The movie was a moderate hit this weekend, earning $25 million, but scenes of Washington drinking Budweiser while driving have Bud’s parent company worried about sending a mixed message about drunk driving.

The vice-president of Budweiser said in a statement: “We would never condone the misuse of our products, and have a long history of promoting responsible drinking and preventing drunk driving.”

No word if Paramount will change up the movie now that it’s already in theaters.