Gentlemen’s Corner: Carlton Morton Talks ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and Shares Career Tips

Carlton Morton Real Housewives of AtlantaVIBE VIXEN: What sparked the heated exchange between you and Kenya?
Carlton Morton: I believe the heated exchange began when Kenya disrespected me by calling me out of my name. I was truly disgusted in that very moment and shocked.

What is your relationship with Kenya now after the drama?
There is really no relationship there. I’m the type of person that will forgive you without you asking for forgiveness, but once you disrespect me, I do not trust you again. I trust that you have the possibility to do whatever it was again. Disrespect me once, shame on you. Disrespect me twice, shame on me. So let’s just shame the devil and respect each other. Amen?

How did you get involved with the Cynthia Bailey’s model agency?
I got involved with The Bailey Agency School of Fashion by reaching out to Cynthia before it was opened and letting her know that I wanted to work with her. I met with her and it was an instant trusting connection.

Explain your exact role with the school and your relationship with Cynthia?
I assist in the daily responsibilities at The Bailey Agency School of Fashion. My role can range from hiring interns to traveling to a photoshoot with Cynthia. My relationship with her is beyond divine and amazing. I look up to her because she has always been determined, focused and loyal. Loyalty is big to both of us, so there is no question as to why she is in my life. She has one of the most beautiful and loyal hearts I’ve ever known.

Who’s your favorite RHOA lady besides Cynthia, and why?
NeNe Leakes because she is hilarious. You must give her props for evolving into a successful actress in Hollywood. Anyone who can make it doing something they love is alright with me.

What is your dream job beyond being Cynthia’s assistant?
My dream job would be to get paid to be me all day. I would want it to be similar to the prince in the movie Coming to America; waking up to saxophones, harps, edible arrangements, peach soda and hotties. That is my definition of my dream job. Amazing, right?

What are 5 tips you have for Vixens that want to get to where you are.

Mr. Couture Commandment #1: Keep God first.
Mr. Couture Commandment #2: Treat people with respect. They remember it.
Mr. Couture Commandment #3: Embrace being perfectly imperfect.
Mr. Couture Commandment #4: Be loyal and supportive of people. There are enough pieces of pie for everyone.
Mr. Couture Commandment #5: Never forget to LIVE. You deserve it.

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