Charlie Sheen Gives Lindsay Lohan $100k for Tax Debt?

Charlie Sheen to the rescue?

It appears that a very generous Hollywood bad boy has come to Linday Lohan’s aid. In this case, to help pay her massive tax debt. TMZ reports that Sheen has given Lohan a $100,000 “donation” to help wipe out her unpaid bill to Uncle Sam.

Apparently, the two became close in September when they were both filming for Scary Movie 5.

TMZ Reports:

We’re told Charlie offered to cut her a check (during filming) and there to get the IRS off her tail, but Lindsay refused. Fast forward to last week — sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lindsay’s biz manager received a check from Charlie for $100,000.

We’re told Lindsay was blown away by Charlie’s generosity — and immediately applied the money to her outstanding tax bill. Lindsay allegedly owed Uncle Sam $233,904 in unpaid taxes for 2009 and 2010 — but thanks to Charlie, that number’s nearly been cut in half.

As we reported, Lindsay’s slated to earn over $2 MILLION by the end of this year — but who knows where that’s going.

Do you believe it?