Chris Brown Smokes Weed Onstage During Carpe Diem Tour (VIDEO)

Chris Brown took a big puff from the peace pipe during a recent stop in Oslo, Norway on his Carpe Diem tour. As the “Turn Up the Music” singer inhaled the sticky icky, the crowd roared in applause. Smoking weed in Norway usually doesn’t end well for folks. Several musicians ranging from the late Amy Winehouse to Snoop Dogg have been arrested in the Scandinavian country — where pot is illegal — for lighting up. The footage, which seems to be a show stick Brown is doing at every city, is also surprising considering that Brown was chastised by a Los Angeles judge only this past September after he tested positive for marijuana while still on probation. We’re sure it helped him relax for the next stop — Stockholm, Sweden — where he had to deal with this bad publicity. Watch the video below.