Could You Date a Gay or Bisexual Man?

When R&B singer Frank Ocean revealed that his first love was man, it sent the music and entertainment world into a frenzy of mixed emotions. Some of us commended his brave announcement, while others found themselves on the other side of the fence, disagreeing with his lifestyle and the way he went about coming out. However, the most noticeable occurrence was the number of ladies who said they would still date Frank, even after knowing about his past with someone of the same sex.

There are a million questions surrounding that choice: would this be acceptable coming from a man without Frank Ocean’s celebrity? Could a regular girl date a regular guy who happened to have been involved with another man in his past? Does it make it okay if the relationship was only emotional, not sexual? What if he was only experimenting with a man and decided he didn’t like it, could you still date him without considering him bisexual or gay?

It seems much more acceptable for women to experiment with other women and not be labeled anything, but it becomes a huge deal when guys dabble in alternative lifestyles. Maybe if society was more accepting of their curiosity, the rate of down-low men would fall.

Vixens, what do you think? Could you date a man who was previously involved with another man?–Jazmine Henley-Brown