Courvoisier Toasts to the ‘Gold Life’ with Bridget Kelly

Not since Dorothy longed to leave Oz have we heard someone proclaim, “There’s no place like home” as matter-of-factly as R&B’s newest it-girl Bridget Kelly at Courvoisier’s Toast to the Gold Life. The vocalist loves New York. Swathed in an azure haze of light at Vanquish Lounge in Atlanta, Kelly breathes experience, adoration and gratitude into the lyrics of “Empire State of Mind” as she opens an anticipated set of now, new and next tunes from her burgeoning musical catalog.

Simply put, she’s grinding, glamorously, and on a mission. “I’m going city to city, finding every stage and every radio station. I’m an R&B girl and I’m always searching for a platform to tell my story and the stories of other women that I know.”  And what great music these stories translate to, indicative by the successful reception of her debut EP Every Girl in 2011.

First introduced as a RocNation signee in 2008, BK (as her crew affectionately calls her) is on the horizon of a new 2013 album release and is basking in the gain of her new single “Special Delivery,” an ode to love, limits and timing within matters of the heart. “I’m always in love with something or somebody, and you can’t always control all the small details concerning it. So I just decided to put my account of it on a record.”

Sporting a signature blonde accent in her bang and a combination of leather, metallics and shiny hardware, Kelly radiates power, purpose and pleasure in where she’s headed. Her raspy yet crisp vocals have hypnotized the crowd as her eyes close and re-open with a sense of calming satisfaction. “I’ve learned a lot during this journey. I’m definitely a lot stronger, a lot more confident and most importantly, more honest. That’s what counts.”

The moment is hers. She means it. There’s no place like home.–Satchel B. Jester