Crank For Your Cold? New Study Suggests Meth May Cure The Flu

(DISCLAIMER: Methamphetamine—also known as “crystal meth”—is a highly addictive drug. VIBE in no way encourages its use by any means.)

Anyone who’s seen an episode of A&E’s Intervention can easily see the negative effects of crystal meth on the body. However, new reports claim that it may actually help your body—that is, if you’re fighting the flu.

In a report by Medical Daily, a study conducted by researchers in Taiwan found that methamphetamine may possess flu-fighting properties.

Here’s how the study went:

“Researchers obtained human lung epithelial cells, which line the surface of the lungs. The cells were exposed to methamphetamine in varying quantities before being exposed to influenza A. Influenza A viruses often cause epidemics and pandemics of respiratory illnesses. Then the researchers left the cells alone for up to two days.

After 30 to 48 hours, the researchers had found that the meth-exposed cells had far fewer influenza viruses left alive, compared to the control group of regular human lung epithelial cells. This indicated that meth lowered, rather than increased, risk of infection of the disease. In addition, to the researchers’ surprise, they found that the more meth to which the cells were exposed, the less the virus reproduced.”

Sounds like trading in one vice for another to us. What do you guys think?

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