Cyber Monday: The 5 Best Places To Look For Deals

Cyber Monday is a pretty big deal. So much so, that it trumps Black Friday as the day most shoppers look forward to after Thanksgiving. If you’re here that must mean that you, too, are excited about getting amazing 2012 Cyber Monday deals. As your favorite gadget, do-dad, and iWhatever go on sale, the concept of Cyber Monday has significantly shifted from its original incarnation.

Originally coined in the year 2005 by, a branch of the National Retail Federation, the term was meant to explain the surge in sales on the Monday after Black Friday. According to the comScore, Americans spent about $1.25 billion on Cyber Monday last year, and experts are expecting similar numbers for 2012. But this holiday season, Cyber Monday is more than just a sale concept, as we hope to present the Best 5 Places to Look For Deals on Cyber Monday.

You can see which spots have what you need by navigating the gallery above!

Don’t get caught in a scam! Watch the video below to learn about the crooks on the prowl during this Cyber Monday: