David Beckham to Quit L.A. Galaxy After MLS Cup Final

David Beckham may be kickin’ L.A. Galaxy to the curb after the MLS Final.

After six years with the American Major League Soccer (MLS) club, he intends to quit after the season-ending MLS Cup final on Dec. 1. “I wanted to experience one last challenge before the end of my playing career,” he said in a statement.

BBC reports that Melbourne Heart claims they are in talks with the soccer over a “10-game stint” in Australia, despite his camp saying he had “no plans” to play in the A League. “He would be an asset for any club, but more importantly, we would love to have him here,” said chief executive Paul Kelly.

Kelly isn’t the only one who thinks so. As Snoop Lion announced his plans to invest in the Celtic soccer team Monday, he stated that his first goal as a member of the board would be to sign friend Beckham.

The former English soccer captain insists his ties with MLS would continue should he join another league. He said, “I don’t see this as the end of my relationship with the league as my ambition is to be part of the ownership structure in the future.”