Dennis Rodman Celebrates “Apprentice” Firing With Champagne & Lap Dances

Retired NBA power forward Dennis Rodman has an interesting way of celebrating getting fired. Find out what he did after the jump!

The New York Post managed to find out just what was the cause behind “The Worm” and his rambunctious party last Thursday night. Dennis Rodman was celebrating his firing from Donald Trump’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” with champagne and strippers at HeadQuarters Gentlemen’s Club on West 38th Street. According to a source speaking to the Post, “He [Rodman] was telling people he was happy to be off the show, and this time he lasted longer than his last go.”

Rodman — who insists that he isn’t abusing alcohol or drugs — was seen partying with his girlfriend Gigi Peterson. “He was drinking champagne and doing shots of Jagermeister,” says a gossip spy. The former Chicago Bulls star employed his own version of “retail therapy” by showering girls and strangers with $500 worth of singles that he had in his pocket. “He even treated random partygoers to lap dances,” the spy confessed. After being filmed in his typical Wildman behavior of his previous appearance on the NBC show, Rodman promised to “curb it [drinking] this time,” and his rep confirmed his newfound designated sober status — which conflicted against earlier reports.

“Dennis was not buying anyone lap dances. He had two shots of Jager. He’s trying so hard not to drink, and because he is off the show, he let loose a little bit.”

We wish you well, Dennis, and hope that you, your girlfriend and your sober coach all are living happily ever after away from The Donald.

Props: NYP