Did Reggie Bush Insult The Women of Buffalo?

Just because your dating résumé consists of Kim Kardashian and women that could pose as her stunt double doesn’t give you the green light to diss average women of an entire city.

During an appearance on Miami’s “Paul and Young Ron Show” Wednesday (Nov. 14), the Miami Dolphin seemed to co-sign the shade one of the hosts was throwing to the females of Buffalo. One co-host made a comment saying that despite the weather being extremely cold, the fans were so accustomed to the climate that the ladies would still show up to football games topless. The other emcee said sarcastically, “You don’t wanna see that” to which the NFL star replied, “Not Buffalo women.”

Bush then took to his Twitter after the show to correct his booboo and assure it was all in good fun.

Even Miss Buffalo had something to say about the situation. “These people who write disparaging remarks about Buffalo obviously haven’t spent enough time here to pass judgement. Buffalo was once one of the most prosperous cities on the East Coast. Like them or not the Buffalo Bills, attended four straight Super Bowls in a row,” the 22-year-old Lonna McCary said. “I believe the negative attitude players who come to Buffalo have is half the reason we have suffered this long playoff drought. Yeah, it’s cold here, but get over it. You’re living millions of kids’ dreams, so get out there and play. Oh yeah, and Bills are going to win by three or more tomorrow night!”

Highly doubt the Bills are on Bush’s concern list but good luck coming up with some defense for this off the field.