DJ Whoo Kid Talks New Projects, His Relationship with 50 Cent, 50/Lloyd Banks’ Tension

Wherever there’s good music, DJ Whoo Kid is surely there.

The Queens-bred DJ, known for his work with heavyhitters in the game including 50 Cent and G-Unit, not only tours the country, spinning records but is a popular radio host with multiple side-hustles to brag about. NavJosh of HipHopNMore recently spoke to the Kid about the importance of being a DJ, getting fired over 20 times, Fif’s Street King Immortal album, 50/Banks beef and more. Peep some highlights below.

On his relationship with 50 Cent
Man it’s been the same ever since we started. We can be cool every day, but if I get him mad, he gets mad. He’s a normal human being. If I f**k up, he’s a perfectionist, you what I’m saying. Like on stage, sometimes I tell him ‘yo I’m not a robot’ and sometimes humans f**k up, but he don’t wanna hear that shit. Thats like the only time we have any kind of friction, is on stage. Besides that, it’s like brothers man. I’ve been with him for almost 12 years. Get Rich Or Die Tryin album is going 10 year anniversary in February. The fact that you can prove it’s brotherly love, is like you can fire somebody 100 times, but where am I gonna go. He can find another DJ all he wants, but it’s kinda hard to find a DJ that he could know from a 10 year experience. You gotta know the person, you gotta know when they f**ks up, you gotta know the music, not even the music alone. It’s not just press and play. A lot of people think it’s just pressing buttons and then 50 cent is on stage. There’s a lot of technical shit, even watching him and bringing the volumes up and down. It takes years to even know someone to understand them.

On Fif’s upcoming album
Yo man, incredible man! He played it for us the other day when we were rehearsing for The Voice. Unbelievable. We had to rehearse the ‘My Life’ record and I was like ‘yo, I haven’t heard the whole version with Em (Eminem), can you play the whole version.’ He played that and I was going crazy, I’m like we gonna perform this? Get the f**k outta here! Then he’s like ‘yo , lemme play some other joints for you and I was just bugging out on them. He’s got some other artists on the album and he has them out of their element too. So every artist you see out there doing the norm like they usually do? He made all of them come into the zone 50’s in.

On 50/Lloyd Banks’ Tension
I mean I don’t even know man, I tried to like talk to them. Fif says he hasn’t heard from him, I don’t know man. They’re supposed to be cool, I don’t think there are any major problems. From what I know, they’re cool. They were all at Chris Lighty’s funeral. You will hear it from him (50). He will give you the view points on Banks and the whole situation with the Unit. But from what I know, they’re cool. But 50 will let you know and explains the situation better.

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