Does Kanye West Want Kim Kardashian To Quit Reality TV?

As if dictating her wardrobe wasn’t enough, Kanye West reportedly wants Kim Kardashian to quit the reality TV life.

Life & Style magazine first broke the news that the “White Dress” rapper was pushing his girlfriend to take on a more credible acting career. “Kanye doesn’t want to film the show anymore,” an insider said. “And he doesn’t want Kim to do reality TV anymore, either. He’s pushing her to stop.”

Another source said that the timing was also ripe for her to chuck the deuces to the small screen. “Kim’s E! contract is up next year, and Kanye sees her transitioning from reality TV to jumpstarting her acting career.”

However, reports debunk the rumors, especially after Kim has just renewed her contract with the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” for the next three years.