Donald Trump Feels Responsible for NeNe Leakes’ Success

With her recent Ebony cover and newly-established acting career, NeNe Leakes was also the subject of a little slick talk between Bravo’s resident charmer Andy Cohen and money fiend Donald Trump. During both of their appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, they had comments about Leakes. Trump was quoted saying: “I think NeNe, she was great [on Celebrity Apprentice]. So many people, you know, they go on ‘The Apprentice’ and look what happens”. Cohen was next to call out the magnate. “Did Donald Trump just take credit for NeNe Leakes’ success? Is this just what happened?” If anyone is “responsible” for one of reality TV’s most infamous faces, it may be Cohen who’s actively involved in the casting process of all the Real Housewives series, as Leakes stars on Atlanta spin-off. Check out the hilarious clip below for the indirect exchange!