Dribblin’ For NBA Baller Beats

XBOX 360 Kinetic has done it again with their virtue active games, making any player feel like they are apart of the game. NBA Baller Beats is nothing less than the best of its kind. This game is fun, gets you hype, and DEFINITELY keeps you in shape. After 5 minutes, if you haven’t worked out in years, you will probably be ready to call time out and be taken out of the game.

The best part about the game is the music, not distracting to the player because the game doesn’t allow you to have a chance to sing along, your focus is channeled to the screen. Whether you’re playing rookie or baller status, you will get a work out and better your skills. The wide variety is also good because they have everyone from Kanye West to Consequence chiming in with a track. The only negative is where are the new hits, the more street ball songs and adrenaline pumping songs, all these songs MUST be played on high volume to really get you hype.

The ability to pick teams and places to play also aides to those big basketball team rivals, Baller Beats will have Lakers and Heats fans going at it during and after basketball season now. The only downfall is if you hate playing ball in the house, you might want to set your TV up outside. Giving you a real basketball to play with; make sure you have wood floors (or concrete if you can get that), high ceilings (the excitement might make you really play like your in a game).

NBA Baller Beats is the best game for all the basketball players, watchers, or lovers of the game. Holiday season is coming up, make sure it’s on your wish list!