Dunkin Donuts Denied ‘Best Coffee in America’ Slogan


Does Dunkin Donuts really have the best coffee in America?

They think so. However, the chain was recently denied the rights to the phrase “Best Coffee in America. The US patent agency felt the claim was unmerited, and ultimately said it was “nothing more than a claim of superiority.” There’s no telling who may try to coin the phrase now.

The Franchise is reportedly back at the drawing board and will soon attempt to introduce a new slogan.

Any suggestions?

The Telegraph Reports:

The office said that the trademark was “merely laudatory and descriptive”, adding that the “informational slogan is nothing more than a claim of superiority”.

In its rejection, the office said: “It is well established that a mark that consists of the generic name of a food that is the specialty of the house or a principal attraction of the restaurant has been held merely descriptive of restaurant services.”