Exclusive! Dirty South @ Sirius XM: “It’s Kendrick, all day long”


Serbian born, Australia based producer/DJ, Dragan Roganovi?, had no idea that “Dirty South” was a reference to American hip-hop culture when choosing his DJ name back in 2005, but it turns out that the decision may have just been a serendipitous Freudian slip.

“I love hip-hop,” Roganovi? revealed to VIBE. “If you go through my iTunes, it’s all Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. I actually don’t listen to dance music when I’m away from dance music. Right now it’s Kendrick, all day long.” VIBE caught up with the melodic electro-house producer just in time to help him blow out the candles on his birthday cake yesterday afternoon, right after spinning a live set for Electric Area’s new series, “Electric Aquarium,” on Sirius XM.

Dirty South confesses to VIBE about his ambitions in the hip-hop scene, the stacked schedule for his “City of Dreams” tour, and his plans to take time off and sequester himself with Nutella (check out his Instagram) to finish his album slated for 2013.

VIBE: We were curious about the history of your DJ name, Dirty South?
Dirty South: There’s no true crazy meaning behind it, my friend and I were sitting around when I did my first remix, back in 2005 (shit I¹m getting old), and I was like, I don¹t want to put it out as my name, Dragan, so I wanted to have a stage name or a remix name, production name, and so he was throwing names, I was throwing names, and we¹re like, Australia is probably the most Southern place in the world, so Dirty South just came out. Two or three years later I figured out there¹s a hip hop culture called dirty south and I was like, oh that could be weird or confusing, but I¹ve played Atlanta and places like that, and it¹s cool.”

If you could collaborate with a hip-hop or R&B artist, who would it be?
I think Kendrick¹s pretty cool, he raps a little more, so I guess with dance music, it¹s a little tough to put raps over the dance songs because it¹s so fast, but also Frank Ocean, he¹s really soulful, and he sings obviously, so I¹m a big fan of him too right now, could be interesting.

Tell us about your new track “Rift” with Michael Brun – you’ve worked on a previous track with him before – how did you guys hook up?
“Rift” is a collaboration between myself and Michael Brun a young kid from Haiti. We met through me putting out one of his tracks on my label, Phazing. He’s super talented, he¹s got so much coming out next year, so just look out for him too, he¹s good. The track, “Rift” comes out in two weeks and then after that I have another collaboration coming out with Deniz Kayou. And after that, it¹s meant to be my album, but I don¹t want to commit to it just yet, because the album is a very strong word. The “A” word [means] you have to take a lot of time off from touring, and you need to be in a frame of mind of working everyday in the studio. It¹ s very hard to be touring and then jump right in the studio and be like, “I’m ready to be inspired,” when you¹re tired as hell from all the flying. To do an album, you need to be like three months, shut off, don¹t talk to me, don¹t email me, just studio. So I¹m finding that hard to find a balance, but I think I¹m going to take January off and just do like studio and try to finish off a lot of ideas ­ and hopefully it¹s going to result in an album.

You have such a crazy tour schedule and you keep adding on extra shows on top of it. How do you adjust to playing to such different setups and crowds show after show?
I try to go and do my thing and hopefully that¹s why people come. Hopefully they follow you and know your music and know what you play, they’ll listen to your mixes podcasts whatever, and they kind of get where you¹re at so they know what to expect. So you hope fans come and know what’s up.

I follow you on instragam and I was curious about your nutella obsession, is it a joke or a real thing? Everyone seems to know about it…