Former NFL Star Arrested – Did He Assault Hope Solo?

Jerramy Stevens, the former NFL player and University of Washington star, was arrested early Tuesday morning for domestic assault – allegedly against his fiancé, US soccer star Hope Solo.

The details are still emerging, but Stevens and Solo were apparently set to be married soon, possibly as soon as Tuesday. Stevens, who was accused of armed assault and rape while at Washington and has had numerous run-ins with the law, appeared in court in Kirkland, WA today after being charged with fourth-degree assault after police responded to an incident at a party late Monday night.

Police say Solo’s older brother, Marcus, used a stun gun while involved in a fight with partygoers who were uninvited. Marcus Solo called the police, who arrived to find sister Hope, the Team USA goalkeeper and darling of the 2012 Olympic team, with blood on her face and a laceration on her elbow. She was uncooperative with police, who then performed a search of the house. They found Stevens upstairs on the floor of his bedroom, with dried blood on his shirt and face.

Allegedly, Stevens and Solo were arguing over where they would live after getting married.

This is the latest in a long rap sheet for Stevens, who has numerous drunk driving offenses, once ran his car into a nursing home, and has allegedly brawled with bouncers. While at Washington, he was arrested for the alleged rape of a sorority member, but charges were dropped after a lengthy investigation.