“Gangnam Style” Crowned Most Watched Video on YouTube

Here’s one for Guinness World Records! Psy’s infectious hit “Gangnam Style” — about Seoul, South Korea’s Gangnam district — has become the most watched video on YouTube ever. The video has raked in some 806,283,968 views (and counting) since it surfaced on the site back in July. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video, which had amassed some 803 million views after its 2010 release, had upheld the record until now. PHOTOS: You Oughta Know: Psy’s “Gangnam Style” Psy was already on track to usurping Bieber’s most-viewed title back in September, when the “Gangnam Style” video officially became the “most liked” clip on YouTube. The song became a cross-cultural phenomena after it birthed the accompanying “horse-dance.” The dance took to dance floors around the world, and has been attempted by the likes of MC Hammer to Madonna, and countless others. The South Korean rapper has become a household name and international celebrity appearing everywhere from a Saturday Night Live spoof to the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he taught the dance to fellow guest Britney Spears. The K-pop hit has even caught on with the parrot community. Here it is again for your viewing pleasure. “Op op op op! Oppan Gangnam Style!”