Guest Editor Ne-Yo Plays His Own Songs During Sex Only By Request

For an artist who’s nabbed Grammy Awards for penning heartbreak anthems for the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna, it’s safe to assume Ne-Yo is well-versed in relationships. We asked the Gentleman to impart some wisdom to the male population in hopes that it’ll stick. Fellas, take notes.

VIBE: It’s the season for cuffing, so how can a man woo a woman and keep her?
I’m practical with it. The key thing for guys to do is listen. When a girl talks, listen to what she’s actually saying. Don’t just listen to wait for your turn to talk. Regurgitate what she’s saying. It’s the most impressive thing to a woman but it’s overlooked by the guys. Know the answer before she asks the question. Pay attention to the fragrance she wears and get it for her before she goes out and buys it. Don’t buy a bouquet of roses for a woman who likes lilies.

What about setting the mood?
The average thing is for a guy to light candles and play soft music. But what if she doesn’t like soft music and likes to get it on to Rick Ross? Pay attention to the details.The key to any part of a relationship, particularly romance, is as easy as asking a question.

Maybe you should try being a love doctor.
Ha, now I don’t know about that. Having the information is different from applying it. I’m not perfect. I’m a workaholic and that’s my vice, but I’m working at it.

Do you ever play your own songs while doing the deed?
Only by request. I never put on my own music just because. That’s so self-centered, but if a woman is turned on by the sound of my own voice, I will. “Say It” and “Mirror” are the most popular. I like women who tell me what they like.

Ne-Yo’s album ‘R.E.D.’ is now in stores and available on iTunes.