Guest Editor Ne-Yo Recalls Meeting Obama and Encourages Voting

President Obama’s lengthy list of big-name co-signs don’t require money bags. An avid pro-Bama advocate, Ne-Yo discusses why he rocks the vote as hard as the stage.

On being involved with the Obama campaign video for “Forward”
“The Obama campaign reached out and I was definitely a supporter since the beginning. Given the amount of campaigning I could be doing, it was a perfect way to show my support.”

On meeting President Obama
“We met a couple of times. I met him when the cast of Red Tails went to a private screening of the film he held in the White House. Michelle and the girls were there too. There wasn’t much of a conversation. He just asked me about the film and my outlook on adversity and doing that film made me step back and realize what not just artists, but we as people all go through.”

On Obama securing a second term
“I’m always optimistic.You have to acknowledge the people with unrealistic expectations. I knew from the day he got in office that people would expect him to fix an eight-year problem in less than four. Now we’re coming to the second term like the things he has done are overshadowed by what he hasn’t.”

On his first time voting
“I actually don’t remember. I remember it being a major deal. You walk into a living room and push a button so your voice can be heard. I didn’t get it then, but I do now.”

On the importance of voting
“It’s absolutely important. You know people find excuses as to why they can’t. Use your voice. Don’t complain about healthcare and other things if you ain’t doing anything to change the situation.”

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