Guest Editor: Ne-Yo Takes Over!

VIBE is seeing R.E.D. to celebrate the release of Ne-Yo’s new album that hits shelves and iTunes today (Nov. 6). Realizing Every Dream is testament to the R&B native’s crossover into the pop-osphere without sacrificing the blues that got him here in the first place. Read his formula for winning in his personal note below.

People ask me what’s the secret to success.

There is no secret. It’s out there in the open for everbody. It’s letting nobody stop me. In the process of finding yourself, people who don’t know you won’t get you. You’re gonna hear ‘no’, ‘you’re not good enough’ and you’re gonna get compared to someone else. People love to categorize. That’s just the way it is.

[I’ve been told] “You’re like another Usher.” No damnit. I’m Ne-Yo. I’m me! You gotta show them who you are.

Success is to keep going and treat every piece of negativity as a speed bump. You just gotta keep pushing. It’s gonna make you quit. I slept in a van for six months. It’s hard but if you work for it and finally get it, it will guarantee your longevity.

Let no one take it from you.

I do it ’cause I love it. I got to love it. It’s about having passion. Be willing to work harder than the next man. Having that information is gonna drive your thirst and your hunger. My mama said ‘anything is possible’ only if you’re willing to work for it.

To the smartest fans in the world, I make one request: open your mind. Do not be caged in by what’s the norm or trends. Listen to the music and hope you enjoy it.



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Ne-Yo’s album ‘R.E.D.’ is now in stores and available on iTunes.