Gunplay Talks His Rap Name, Girls and Playing Black Ops While On House Arrest

Gunplay checks in to the Combat Jack Show while on house arrest from his current situation.

The MMG troublemaker discussed everything from the oldest b*tch he ever hit to playing video games to finally being recognized for his music. Read the highlights and hear the full interview below.

On white America not liking his records based on his name
“I dont make music for them. If they want it, they gon’ get it. Once they get used to me and know who I am and I say (insert string of multiple cuss words) in a song, they’re gonna like it and get into my character.”

“I don’t tinkle with the wrinkles, man.”

On his daily routine at home
“I finally get to sit down in one place ’cause I’ve been running around from here to there and the case had me under the radar. Nowadays I’m just chillin’, tryna get some normalcy back into my life. It’s been a rollercoaster these past eight months.”

On playing ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’
“I been playing zombies. Me and my girl been kickin’ ass. Me and her sit down and murk this shit up with zombies.”

On performing and getting attention for his music
“I just love to be out on stage with a microphone. It’s just my passion for entertaining. It feels good that people are starting to catch on to my music and me as a person and feel my ups and downs with me.”