Suit Up! 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing ‘Halo 4′

Many wondered aloud if the wildly popular “Halo” series could continue after Bungie Games decided to leave for greener planets. But for all of its expected action and drama, the new “Halo 4″ answers a lot of gamers questions and provides one of the best indications of where the video game industry is heading. To its credit, 343 Industries has retained the intensity gamers became used to but upped the fidelity, the gameplay and the storyline to next level status.

Without giving too much away, Master Chief awakes from cryosleep to reunite with Cortana, his longtime AI companion. The year is 2557 and gamers now suit up, once again, as Master Chief, John-117 to stop the Forerunners from wiping out all sentient life in the galaxy. Unless you’re a super-duper fan, you probably haven’t played a lot of “Halo” in recent months, and that’s why we’re here to give you the swift kick in the pants you need.

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