Heroin Use Among Southern California Teens Rising At A Rapid Rate

Teenagers tend to do some stupid things sometimes, understandably due to their immaturity. However, heroin use is never an acceptable habit.

A new report claims that teenagers in the Southern California area of Santa Clarita are using heroin at a growing rate, sending officials into a panic to address the problem head-on.

According to the local CBS , a presentation and panel discussion put on by city officials was held on Tuesday to get to the inside of the problem. Parents and recovering addicts shared heartbreaking stories with a crowd of roughly 500 people.

Here’s some stats, via CBS Local:

“According to the latest numbers, heroin use has become a big problem nationwide, as well as in the Santa Clarita Valley. Last year, there were 100 arrests and there have been nine overdose deaths since the end of 2009. The Signal reports that approximately 400 residents have suffered non-fatal overdoses in the past year and a half.”

See more on this alarming story in the video below: