Holland Bans Marijuana Sales To Foreigners; Sparks Crime Wave

Holland should take a page out of California’s playbook and use the resources to increase the peace through puff, puff passing on bull malarkey.

Back in May of this year, Holland banned the sale of marijuana to non-Dutch residents thereby making the sticky-icky substance illegal in the south of the Netherlands. The idea was passed into law in an effort to prevent large numbers of foreigners, especially Germans, from crossing the border specifically to buy drugs.

After the law was instated, Dutch buyers had to show something called a “weedpass” to prove they were indeed legal residents of the Netherlands. But according to police, the ban has only had an inverse effect, as it has resulted in the increase of drug-related crime. In fact, the Hamburg Abendblatt reported that even the mayors of Amsterdam, The Hauge, Rotterdam and Utrecht, the nation’s four largest cities, are still opposed to the weedpass, which is slated to go nationwide by January 2013.

These measures will be “phased in” to allow for local adjustment, but buyers will still have to prove they are legal residents — even if they don’t have to register for a “weedpass.”

Props: Complex