Hurricane Sandy Causes Statue Of Liberty To Close Down Indefinitely

It looks like Lady Liberty took an L this week, like the rest of the Atlantic Seaboard, due to Hurricane Sandy.

According to the New York Daily News, the Statue of Liberty is closed indefinitely after the hurricane’s massive storm surge flooded it out.

National Parks Service spokeswoman Mindy Rambo confirms that both the Statue and its neighboring Ellis Islandwere victims of Sandy’s record high water levels. Rambo adds, “There was water damage to the Statue of Liberty site. We will not know until the team is through exactly how long the site will be closed.”

Thankfully, there was no reported physical damage to the statue and no water damage to the landmark Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Federal inspectors were expected to appear at the two island sites yesterday to conduct a full assessment of any possible infrastructure problems.

This comes just a week after the Statue of Liberty reopened for visits after a $30 million refurbishing.