Video: Jade Novah Covers Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’

Rising R&B singer Jade Novah recorded a cover of “Diamonds,” Rih’s Unapologetic lead single, and although the two women adorn similar hairstyles, their voices present complete differences.

With over six million views on YouTube, the visual depicts Novah running through the woods in black boots and a wedding dress. The singer-songwriter plays the role of a bride frantically searching for her groom (played by Novah as well). When the bride thinks she’s found her mate, she finds herself surrounded by rubble and destruction, possibly symbolizing a failed marriage. In the end, the groom is pictured walking away with the wedding dress in hand as if caressing the bride that used to be.

Unique concept, yes, but it certainly works in this video and is reflective of the Cleveland native’s musical background. Drawing influences from genres like Rock and R&B legends like Whitney Houston, she captured the soul of the song but maintained her rock star edge.

Check out the visual below and give your thoughts on her take of the song!–Camille Augustin

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